Festivals of India 2015

Indian Festivals are celebrated by varied cultures and through their special rituals add to the colours of Indian Heritage. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of saints and gurus (revered teachers), or the advent of the New Year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India. However, they may be called by different names in various parts of the country or may be celebrated in a different fashion...  Read More

Festivals in June 2015

June ( Baisakh / Jyestha):

Festivals in India mark a deep cultural and spiritual connect. Not just Indians but people from all round the globe celebrate these Indian festivals with great pomp and delight. Although the major festivals keep the entire year busy, yet June is a special month which holds importance in the Baisakh calendar.

The month of June kick starts with the famous Sindhu Darshan Festival. It marks the celebration of the river Sindhu or Indus.

A huge variety of cultural troupes from various corners of India lighten up this day. The members of the troupes bring water from all the mighty rivers of India and immerse in this holy river.

June is also linked to the birth of some of the great personalities like Saint Kabir, Saint Gyaneshwar and Maharana Pratap. It brings the opportunity to pay homage to those great souls who guided us on the right path of life. People flock at various temples to listen to their preaches and motivational speeches from the past.

Not only this, June is a great time to delve into the essence of Mangoes with the Mango Festival. This year it will begin on the 30th of June and continue till the 2nd of July. Yet another grandeur enters this month with the Sao Jao Feast. The Goan Government continuously promotes this festival by organizing events like pot breaking competitions and the frog race.

It is also the time to tell our fathers about how much we love them. Father's Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June, every year, is a great time to thank them for everything they've done for us. It is to note here that this day is an emerging trend in India. People from all round the country celebrate this day by showing love to their fathers by offering them some special gifts and telling them how much they are dear to us.

Days of International relevance like Blood Donation Day and World Environment Day are also celebrated on this day. These special days encourage and aware the people about some common causes.

This month both Hindus and Muslims will observe fasts on different occasions. Yogini Ekadashi and Mithuna Sankranti is a fulfilling time for the Hindus to get rid of their sins. Whereas, the Muslim community will begin their fasts with Ramadan beginning from June 18th, 2015.

Explore and enjoy the panorama of Festivals / Fairs / Melas celebrated in India.

Forthcoming Festivals

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