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Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the consort of lord Vishnu. She is regarded as the goddess of wealth and fortune. The word ''Lakshmi'' has been derived from the Sanskrit word Lakshay, meaning "aim" or ''goal''. Thus the Goddess suggests all the worldly and spiritual success in life. Lakshmi provides material and spiritual wealth, luxury, fertility, fortune, purity, beauty, power, generosity and auspiciousness to its devotees.

Goddess Lakshmi is visualized as a beautiful golden complexioned lady draped in red saree bordered with golden lining, bejeweled with much jewelry sitting or standing on lotus. The auspicious red color symbolizes activity and the golden embroidery denotes prosperity. Each of the four hands of Lakshmi represents the four ends of human life, Dharma (righteousness), Kama (desires), Artha (wealth), and Moksha (liberation) from the cycle of birth and death. The four arms represent the four directions and symbolize omnipresence and supremacy of the deity. The obverse hands represent the activities in material world and the back hands indicate the pious activities. goddess-lakshmi.jpg

The lotus bud in both the rear hands stands for beauty, purity, spirituality and fertility. The seat of Laxmi, fully blossomed lotus is a seat of divine truth, it signifies that as lotus don’t get wet even growing in water one should never get obsessed with the wealth and just enjoy it.

Continuous flow of gold coins from her hands, illustrates that she blesses people with wealth. The two elephants standing next to the Goddess symbolize the name and fame. Sometimes many pictures depict four elephants standing next to the goddess and spraying water from golden pots. The vessels are wisdom and purity and water being sprayed means gain of spiritual as well as material prosperity by virtue of continuous self-support governed by dharma, wisdom and purity.

Owl, the symbol of wisdom is considered her vehicle or vahan.

MahaLaxmi Mula Mantra:

Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah


Another name given to Laxmi in Hindu mythology is ''Shri''. The word therefore relates with money or finance. Hindus whenever starts any new work, especially related with business write ''Shri'' on top of the documents. It also symbolizes respect, grace, affluence, abundance, authority and auspiciousness. That is why Indians usually speak “Shri” before addressing a god, or any revered individual.

Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali

People believe Lakshmi resides only where there is virtue, truth and compassion. She stays at a clean place. Hindus worship Lakshmi ceremonially and pray for well being and prosperity of the family on Diwali. Firmly it is believed that the goddess visits every home in the night and blesses the people with wealth.

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