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Rajim Kumbh is a Hindu pilgrimage held every year in Rajim of Raipur district of Chattisgarh. During the fair huge number of people and saints gather at Rajim. From ancient times Rajim has been a pilgrim centre of Vaishnaviites (the followers of lord Vishnu). The accumulation of people to perform religious ceremonies here is known as today’s 'fifth Kumbh' which was traditional 'Punni mela' observed every year at the Rajiv Lochan temple located near the convergence of Mahanadi, Sondur and Pairi rivers.
Rajim Kumbh Mela
Rajim Kumbh starts from Magh Purnima and continues for 15 days. Rajim Kumbh Mela in 2010 will start on 30 January and conclude on 13 February.

There are hordes of religious preachers and saints from every nook and corner of country. These saints stay in special cottages made in sandy field amid Triveni Sangam.

Special puja is performed at 3.00 A.M. on the day that marks the beginning of Rajim Mela.

Kuleshwar Mahadev and Shri Rajiv Lochan temples are visited by people and offerings are made. Devotees take a holy bath in Triveni Sangam. A ritual named ‘Kalash Yatra’ of rows of women bearing
pitcher heads towards Mahanadi and from there they fill these pitchers and again carry them back to Mahadev temple.

Special dates for special Triveni Sangam Snan are as follows -

30.01.2010 --- Magh Purnima

09.02.2010 --- Vijaya Ekadashi

012.02.2010 --- Mahashivratri

Many cultural programmes of dances and music, religious lectures and performances are done during Raji Kumbh.

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