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World AIDS Day 2017 - December 1 (Friday)

World AIDS Day which is observed on December 1st each year, is a day when people around the world raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. They assert their duties and responsibilities in order to increase human cooperation and possible homogeneous correspondence between the mass and the HIV affected people. On this day the individuals and organizations come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic and introduce ways concerning how AIDS can be treated, how it can been prevented from spreading and how the world can ensure that a pandemic never happen.

In 2017, December 1 falls on a Friday.

Aids Red Ribbon 2017The aim of the World AIDS Day is to bring people’s attention to the worldwide challenges and consequences of the epidemic in order to create change. World Aids Day was initiated following a summit of Health Ministers in London (1988). In the meeting, the leaders realized that a united global effort was required to check the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The World AIDS Day provides governments, national AIDS programmes, welfare organizations, community organizations and individuals an opportunity to focus on the global AIDS epidemic.

Each year a theme is chosen to highlight different aspects of the problem and ways in which different groups of people are affected by HIV.

 Access Equity Rights Now was the theme of World AIDS Day 2016

World AIDS Day Videos

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