Indian Festivals are celebrated by varied cultures and through their special rituals add to the colours of Indian Heritage. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of saints and gurus (revered teachers), or the advent of the New Year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India. However, they may be called by different names in various parts of the country or may be celebrated in a different fashion

May (Baisakh/Jyeshta)

India is a highly spiritual country with festivals having deep cultural meanings and reasons of celebrations attached to themselves. It's always like a carnival when festivals are being celebrated in our country. As May begins, so begins the rise in the temperatures making way for the hot and humid summers. Even then, the spirit of festivity in the hearts of people doesn't get affected. May is also the month of Jyeshta and Baisakh of the Lunar Calendar, bringing some of the very significant festivals with itself.

The month of May begins with May Day(हिंदी) or World Labour Day which is celebrated all across the world with great importance. Historically, it is also famous as the International Worker's Day. Buddha Poornima(हिंदी) will be celebrated on the 07th of May to commemorate the birth of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. World Laughter Day(हिंदी) will be celebrated on 03rd May. International Nurse Day(हिंदी), No Tobacco Day(हिंदी), Anti Terrorism Day(हिंदी) and World Telecommunication Day(हिंदी) are some of the important UN days coming up this month. Various events and programmes are held to aware the general population across the globe about the significance of these days.

Some of the prominent Hindu Festivals are also in line this month. To begin with, Narsimha Jayanti(हिंदी) is on 6th May. On this day, Lord Narsimha appeared to protect Dharam and Bhakti personified in Maharaj Prahlad. Another auspicious day, Narad Jayanti(हिंदी), will be celebrated on May 8 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Devrishi Narad. According to the legends, he used to sing and communicate information throughout the world. Shani Jayanti(हिंदी) on May 22 will mark the birthday of Lord Shani or Saturn. It is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Shani Shingnapur Shaneshwara Mandir of Maharashtra. Apart from these, many Vrats of spiritual importance will be observed on the occasion of Apara Ekadashi(हिंदी), Vat Savitri Puja(हिंदी), Sita Navami(हिंदी) and Mahesh Navami(हिंदी) this month.

May is a very significant month for Muslims all over the world this year, as the Holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan – the month of fasting, commences at the end of the month. Muslims all over the world pray for the peace during the holy season. Id-ul-Fitr(हिंदी) or Eid marks the last day of the month of Ramzan when people break their 30 days long fasting period with sumptuous meals and feasts. Eid also brings Jamat-ul-Vida(हिंदी) or the last Jumma of Ramadan (Ramzan). Muslims pray together on this day and seek divine blessings from Allah.

Mother's Day(हिंदी) on the second Sunday is bringing a great opportunity to show how much you love and honour your mothers. No words can describe them like this Jewish Proverb - "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers". Dedicate your day to this special creation of God, solely made for you and appreciate her efforts to let her know how important she really is to you and everybody. It's because of her undying spirit and 24*7 care that you are in this world. So make her feel special.

Besides the spiritual ones, several fairs and Melas will also be organized in different states and towns of India to celebrate the changing season. Haldighati Festival of Rajasthan fills the air with songs describing the courage of Rana Pratap. Stalls are set up in various cities selling all kinds of Rajasthani handicrafts and ethnic ornaments. Another Rajasthani attraction is the Summer Festival(हिंदी) organized in Mount Abu. Boat races, cultural programmes, adventure sports, flower and fruit shows are some of the features of this unique celebration. It is also celebrated in Tamil Nadu with great fervour and delight.

In the month of May, important days like Rabindra Nath Tagore Jayanti(हिंदी), Ch. Charan Singh Death Anniversary(हिंदी), Rajiv Gandhi Death Anniversary(हिंदी), Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti(हिंदी) and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Death Anniversary(हिंदी) are some of the eminent days to be observed. These solemn events are days to remember the contributions of the great personalities who helped the Nation to grow in their times. Special programmes are organized in schools and institutions around the globe to honor these great men and their efforts.

Some of the other important festivals in this month are Guru Amar Das Jayanti(हिंदी), Maharana Pratap Jayanti(हिंदी), and Vrishabha Sankranti(हिंदी).

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