Karva Chauth Mehndi Patterns

Mehndi is considered very auspicious and is the essential ornament for any married woman at the time of Karva Chauth. Many festivals other than Karva Chauth also includes various rituals performed with Mehndi decked hands; so applying Mehndi is the common tradition practiced in India. Mehndi is applied over palms, arms (both sides), feet and sometimes also on the back. The designs of Mehndi differ from region to region and the type of festive celebrations. Different designs have specific significance for each religion like spiritual enlightenment, good health, wisdom, fertility and protection.

Though the patterns and designs vary from religion to religion and festival to festival, the basic pattern remains the same meaning good luck and protection. Following are the meanings of the common figures used basically in the Mehndi patterns:

  • Ganesh, the elephant god – good health, protection from evil
  • Growing vine or scorpion – love, protection from the evil eye
  • Mandalas – wisdom, spiritual enlightenment
  • Peacock, paisley symbols – love, fertility, good luck
  • Bud – new life, love
  • Camel lips – fertility
  • Flowers and leafs – fertility

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