No Smoking Day is celebrated as an awareness program in almost all over the world against tobacco consumption among the people. The main objective of the day is to spread awareness about the harmful health effects of tobacco consumption through cigarette and other modes. The utmost intention of the program is to help smokers to get rid from the habit of smoking.

No Smoking Day is observed to caution those people who have got addicted to smoking. Also referred on par with World No Tobacco Day, it is a major health awareness day celebrated on an annual basis by people in United Kingdom. Ever since it was first observed on the first Wednesday of March in 1984, the event was continued year after year but got shifted on the second Wednesday of March every year. The most iconic feature of this day is that it is associated with a healthy theme based upon which the concluding events are performed.

No Smoking DayAttractive Themes Associated with No Smoking Day

People not just in UK but across the world find it extremely interesting to have a unique theme selected for this purpose in an exclusive manner. For instance, the theme for 2010 event was named as “Break Free” as a means of offering inspiration to the all those chain smokers who could not control their desire to smoke. Similarly, the 2011 event was named as “Time to quit?” to ensure that the smokers get encouraged towards leaving the habit of smoking cigarette for sure. GfK NOP research has found that one out of every 10 smokers quit smoking cigarettes because of the encouragement they received.

Interesting Events About No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day was actually an active campaign from GfK NOP to promote good living habits among smokers in general. Tremendous success has been achieved by the charity so far with a lot of people coming forward to quit smoking. The only limitation is that the campaign is active in UK alone with numerous people losing their lives to cigarette smoking across the world. However, significant changes have been observed after the campaign was taken over by British Heart Foundation in 2011. People in Ireland observe the same day as National No Smoking Day.

Numerous events are associated with No Smoking Day because of which maximum popularity has been generated in recent times. For instance, the latest person to preside over the board was none other than popular TV personality Duncan Bannatyne OBE. Though he was a smoker before, he turned out to be an active anti-smoking campaigner owing to the multiple health risks about which he became aware of. Meanwhile, increasing number of funds are received each year by BHF towards organizing active campaigns for the benefit of people so that they could stay away from smoking in a perfect manner.

Bannatyne not just campaigned against smoking of cigarettes but also voiced against cigarettes whenever there is a possibility. Perhaps, he openly spoke against the use of tobacco at the Annual General Meeting of British American Tobacco in 2008. Securing one’s own health by staying away from harmful products such as cigarettes is something that is needed the most. World Health Organization too actively campaigns against tobacco production and use by observing World No Tobacco Day. Such events need to be conducted on a regular basis for best results eventually.

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