One of the very important personalities of Mahabharata, Karn ( the son of Kunti-Surya and supposedly brother-like to Pandavas) who is fondly remembered as “Daanveer Karn” made lots of charity in form of jewels, money and lands. When he died and ascended to heaven, he got all that he gave in form of charity in multiples.

But, he didn’t get food as he did not give food-charity. He starved for days and finally asked the “Yamaraj” if he could get a chance to make for this deficiency. Yamaraj allowed him and granted a period of 14 days to go back to the earth and make for it. These 14 days were used by Karan to give numerous food-charities and he also offered Shradh to his ancestors.

When he finally returned back to the heaven, there was plenty of food available to him.

Thus, in Hindus, it is considered very auspicious to donate food in form of Shradh to poor, as whatever donated is supposed to reach directly to one’s ancestors. During these days and especially on the day of new moon it is believed that the soul of the dead ones (Atmas), are permitted by Yamaraj to reach earth and receive the benefits of these rites from their children.

According to Lord Krishna “The soul never dies”, it only transforms from one external form (body) to another. Thus it is believed that in whatever form our ancestors exist, the charity during this time surely reaches them.

The sons performing the rites of Pitru Paksha are free of any Pitr dosh and are eligible for Pitr lok. It lasts for a fortnight and the day to perform the rituals depend on the Tithi, calculated according to the Hindu calendar.

Create A beautiful Tribute to your Ancestors and Beloved ones who are no more with you:-
पितृ पक्ष की पौराणिक कथाएं हिंदी में पढ़ें, यहां क्लिक करें

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