The festival of Aanvla Navmi or Amla Navami is celebrated with joy by women. Women pray for the success and welfare of their family on the day of Aanvla Navmi.

Aanvla Navami is the other name of Akshaya Navami. It is auspicious day and celebrated with daan-punya activities by the observers. In West Bengal, it is observed as Jagaddhatri Puja in worship of Jagaddhatri, the Goddess of Satta.

Amla Navami

Preparation for the Puja

Anvla navmi Puja is of special significance for women. This day ladies perform special puja and pray before Indian Goose Berry Tree or Aanvla (Amla) tree. If the aanvla tree is not present in close vicinity of the house, a small branch of the tree can be brought to the house for performing puja.


  • Indian Goose Berry Tree or Aanvla (Amla) tree or branch of the tree.
  • Water in a kalash
  • Milk
  • Roll, moli, chawal, jaggery, batasha
  • Raw white thread, moli
  • Doop, deepak, matchstick
  • Money for offering
  • Saree, blouse—piece and dakshina for Brahminis (optional)
  • Blouse piece (either red, yellow or pink in color)


Puja of Aanvla Navmi is performed by women for the well being and prosperity of their family. On the day of Aanvla Navmi, women rise up early in the morning and then take bath and wear new or washed clothes (Pure).

All women of near by places gather and move to the place where aanvla tree is present and if the tree is not present then branch of the tree is brought and set in mud or kalash filled with water.

Puja is always performed in a particular direction. This puja for Aanvla Navmi is performed while facing towards east. First, water is offered to the tree followed by milk, moli, roli, chawal, jaggery, batasha, aanvla, blouse piece and some money.

Deepak and Dhup (Lamp) are lit before the tree then all ladies put tilak (Auspicious red color Mark by roli) on their forehead.

The special trend of Parikrama is practiced in which women revolve around the tree for 8 or 108 times and while moving they wrap the raw white thread or red moli (Red sacred thread) around the aanvla tree.

After performing Parikrama, all women sit together and read or listens Katha associated with Aanvla Navmi. Katha of Bindaayakji is read after the katha of Aanvla Navmi. There is also the practice of keeping few grains in the hand during katha and later placed in kalash filled with water placed near aanvla tree.

There is also tradition of inviting the Brahmini for food and presenting clothes and dakshina (money).

Women should include goose berry or Aanvla in their food on the day of Aanvla navmi.

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