There was a Raja who used to give away 40 kgs of aanvla made of gold to the Brahmins every day and then only ate his food. One day his son objected to his generosity saying that they will be left with nothing if the Raja continued his charity.

The Raja felt very unhappy and along with his Rani left the palace to live in a jungle. A week passed by. As the Raja could not offer aanvla to the Brahmins, he did not eat. On seeing the plight of the Raja, the God was worried that the Raja might die without eating. That night he told the Raja in his dream to have his food assuring him that everything will be made alright.
Aanvla Navami Katha
In the morning with the blessings of the God the Raja found lots of wealth and a tree of Aanvla with fruits made of gold. The Raja along with his Rani gave away the gold fruits to the Brahmins, performed the puja and took his meals.

The news about the generous Raja spread in the surrounding villages. In the meanwhile, the Raja s son and daughter-in-law had lost their kingdom and were very unhappy. After hearing about the generosity of the Raja, they came to him looking for some work. The Rani recognized them instantly but the son did not know that the generous Raja was his father. Rani told the ministers to employ them with high salary but instructed them to assign very little work to them.

One day Rani called her daughter-in-law to give her a bath. As she was giving Rani the bath the daughter-in-law started crying. On inquiring, she told that Rani has a black spot on the back which was similar to that of her mother-in-law whom she and her husband had insulted. Rani told her that she indeed was her mother-in-law. The son and daughter-in-law were very regretful and asked for forgiveness. Raja, Rani, son and the daughter-in-law all started living happily together and daily gave aanvla to Brahrnins.

Hey Almighty, as you blessed the Raja and the Rani by giving them wealth and happiness, so also bless the narrator of the katha, listeners of the katha and the followers of the katha along with their family!

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