Akshaya Trithiya
Akshaya Tritiya also referred as Akha Teej, is considered as the most auspicious day of all by Hindus in India. The literal meaning of Akshaya in Sanskrit is "imperishable" or "never diminishing" and thus the day is believed to be the best time for beginning new ventures or investing money in precious metals and land. This is the reason why people indulge in buying gold on this day.
Akshaya Tritiya
The name Akshaya Tritiya describes the special planetary positions of Moon, Sun and Jupiter, as on this day all three unanimously come under Mrigshira Nakshatra. Moon and Sun both glow at their brightest level, indicating the auspiciousness of the day.


“Kubera Twam Danadeesam Gruha
Te Kamala Sithta

Tam Devem Prehayasu Twam Madgruhe
Te Namo Namah”

The day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered highly auspicious by Hindus as the day is thought to bring good fortune and prosperity for every one. The pious day of Akshaya Tritiya falls on the third day (Tithi) of bright phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu month of Vaishakha.

Myths and Legends Associated with Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya Legends

Akshaya Tritiya is also referred as a golden day of eternal success because the Golden Age or the first of the four Yugas - Satyayug is believed to have begun on this day. Akha Teej also marks the birthday of sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu - Lord Parashuram. The auspicious day also holds a special importance as it is believed that the holy river Ganga also descended down on earth from the heaven on this very day. According to one legend, Vedavyas along with Lord Ganesha, started writing the great Hindu scriptures, Mahabharatha on the eve of Akshaya Tritiya. The first Tirthankar in Jainism - Bhagwan Rishabdev also broke his fasting spell of one year by taking juice on the day of Akha Teej. Akshaya Tritiya is also called Navanna Parvam.


Signiificance of Akshaya TritiyaThis day falling in a conjunction with Rohini star is considered more auspicious than any other Akshaya Trithiya dates. The impact of Akshaya Tritiya on people s lives is  more prominent when it falls on a Monday. People give in a lot of charity on this day to gain maximum blessings from the Lord.

Legends even have that it was on this day that Sudama visited Lord Krishna to greet him with puffed rice. Also, on this day, Draupadi was protected by Krishna when Dushasana tried to unveil her in his royal court. However, the custodian of wealth and property, Kubera, is regarded as the richest and the wealthiest of all. It is said that he received this position by praying to Lord Shiva on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Method

Akshaya Tritiya Celebrations Across India

Puri Rath Yatra

Inspired by the birthday of Lord Parshurama, Kerala and Goa are still famous by the name of Parushurama Kshetra. It is the day when Rath Yatra begins in the Puri region of Orisha. Many devotees take holy dips in the Ganges and fasts are kept to impress Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. In Bengal, HalKhata is performed after praying to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The Jat families celebrate this day by going to their fields early in the morning. It is also a very auspicious day to get married.

Lord Rishabdeva

Jains worship the image of Lord Rishabhadeva and bathe his idols with sugarcane juice and a special worship ritual is performed after that. A huge fair is organized in Hastinapur on this auspicious day wherein Jains from all over the globe come and break their fasts like Lord Rishabhadeva did once.

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