Every year thousands of pilgrims plan for the Amarnath yatra. Necessary healthcare and safety measures are ensured by the government to the pilgrims. Also, special attention should be give to the following Do’s & Don’ts.
Dos and Don ts for Amarnath Yatra

Do s

1. Do have medical check up and  get certified medically fit for the yatra (pilgrimage).
2. Do carry woolens, rain coats, wind cheaters, sticks, torch and blankets.
3. Do carry dry eatable items like biscuits, candy, milk powder, sugar, assorted dry fruits and remember to keep water bottle, plastic plate, tumbler, Spoons etc.
4. Do wear comfortable clothes and avoid saris, dhotis, dupattas go for trousers, track suits, salwar suits etc.
5. Always hire the registered ponywalla, the labourer, the dandywalla and make sure that they move along with you and don’t get separated.
6. Always follow the instructions issued by the Yatra Officer from time to time. The officials of the Police, Tourism, Health, Food & Supplies and other Departments are also present to help.
8. Do carry adequate money to pay for lodging, eatables and other requirements
9. Do carry first aid kit with the specific medicines.

Don ts

1.    Don’t forget to take registration card, as yatris (pilgrims) without registration cards will not be allowed.
2.    Don’t take Children and aged people to this tough yatra.
3.    Don’t use slippers on the route to holy cave.
4.    Don’t over-strain on steep gradients.
5.    Don’t relax at points where there are warning notices.
6.    Don’t break traffic discipline or try to overtake others in difficult stretches of the route.
7.    Don’t try short cuts on the route.
8.    Don’t pay more than the prices fixed for porters, ponies, dandies, rations, fire-wood, accommodation etc.
9.    Don’t use polythene, disposable plastic cups, saucers and glasses in and around Pahalgam.
10.  Don’t take drugs, alcohol during journey.
11.  Do not touch or tamper with Holy Lingam or / & place or throw anything on Holy Lingam.

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