Amongmong festival  is observed in Indian state of Nagaland during the first week of September and continues for six days with lots of festivity. The festival is mainly celebrated by tribal community Sangtam in the region. Sangtam tribal are among prominent living communities of the state who celebrate around twelve religious festivals all around the year and all related to production of grains.
Amongmong Festival Nagaland
Amongmong festival continues for six days when each day holds a unique importance in concern of festivity. Tribal people celebrate Amongmong at the time of harvesting new crops in the fields. People worship their deity of the house along with three cooking stones at the fireplace to mark the celebration of the festival.

Among the rituals of six days several transactions are observed like sacrifice of domestic animals, cleaning of their village and houses, merrymaking with friends and relatives and exchange gifts with each other.

People consider these festival days of Amongmong as very auspicious and believed that by worshiping the deity during the festival they will bless by good health, opulence, rich harvest and prosperity ahead.

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