Shillong the capital of Meghalaya becomes vibrant and comes alive during the months of October-November specifically because of the Autumn Festival held here during this time. It is a cultural extravaganza organized by the Government of Meghalaya along with other organizations. The event is a means of entertainment and frolic for the inhabitants of Shillong.

Apart from the natives of the area, tourists and visitors from all over India gather here during the Autumn Festival in the months of October-November to celebrate the festive spirit of the state of Meghalaya.
Autumn Festival Shillong
The Autumn Festival is packed with fashion shows organized by government providing an opportunity to different designers to showcase their designs which are made out of indigenous fabric which are woven in the state. Apart from the fashion show there are other events like food and wine festivals, flower shows, kite flying competitions, music and rock festivals, golf tournaments, fishing competitions and a host of other activities, which are organized during the Festival.

Both natives and tourists have a great time during the activities of the festival. It is celebrated on a grand scale and is immensely popular.
Shillong Autumn Festival
Meghalaya literally means "Land of Clouds" and is extremely famous for its traditional dance and music. Meghalaya is also a state which gives home to a number of tribes. Many tribal communities with their own set of culture, customs and traditions observe festivals with their own set of customs. Most of the festivals of Meghalaya revolve around agriculture, which is the prime occupation of the state people. Apart from the Autumn Festival other popular festivals include Wangala Festival, Seng Kut Snem and Autumn Flower Show.

How to Reach

By Air:

The state does not have any airport. The nearest airport is at Guwahati, which is only 128kms from Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya. A helicopter service operates between Guwahati, Shillong (30 min) and Tura (60 min), which is convenient and economical.

Autumn Festival Meghalaya

By Rail:

The state does not have any train service. The nearest and railway station is in Guwahati. The state has very convenient road connection with Guwahati throughout the year.

By Road:

Road Network in the state is quite efficient and covers the state conveniently. National Highway 40 is an all-weather road running through the state. The road connects Shillong with Guwahati, which in turn is connected to other major cities in rest of the country.

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