Baba Ramdev is a folk deity of Rajasthan. He was a Rajasthani king who ruled over Pokhran in the fourteenth century. He was said to have special spiritual powers and considered to be the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Sikhs are his followers. His birth anniversary is celebrated as Baba Ramdev Jayanti. It is the second day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month.

He was the son of King Ajamal and Queen Minaldevi. For many years the couple remained childless. Then King Ajamal went to Dwaraka and prayed to Lord Krishna for children and expressed his wish to have a son like Krishna. Later he was blessed with two sons. Baba Ramdev or Bhiramdev was the younger among the two. People believe him to be the 72nd descendant of Pandav King, Arjuna.

He was a very hardworking king who dedicated his life to the people of his kingdom. He took up many welfare measures for his people. He strived hard for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden people. He preached about equality. Though he was a reviver of Hinduism, he treated people of all religions equally. He took Samadhi at the age of 33 on Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi.
Baba Ramdevji Jayanti
As he was born with the blessings of Lord Krishna, he attained super powers and was considered as God by the people of Rajasthan. Temples were built for him. The biggest temple of Ramdevji is situated at Ramdevra which is 10 km away from Pokhran. His Samadhi is located here. This is considered to be one of the most holy places. His followers hail mainly from Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Sindh.

Celebrations of Ramdev Jayanti

Baba Ramdev’s Jayanti or Ramdev Pir Jayanti is celebrated by his followers with lot of dedication and devotion. This day is observed as a public holiday in the state of Rajasthan. His temples are very well decorated on this day. His devotees visit temples early in the morning to worship him. Special meals are made at home and offered to him. Devotees give toy wooden horses with new clothes on this day in the temple. A mega fest is organized near his Samadhi Sthal. It is considered to be the biggest and the most famous one. Not only Hindus, but people from other communities also visit his Samadhi in large numbers and pray for a peaceful and prosperous life. Special prayers are held at Ramdevra temple on this occasion. Bhajans and satsangs are organized on this day.

Legends of Baba Ramdev

There are a few interesting stories related to his spiritual powers. When he was a child, his father ordered him a toy wooden horse. The toy maker took the costly cloth from the king and used an older one on the horse. When Baba sat on the toy, it flew into the air and the cloth disappeared. He returned to land after some time. The horse could get life because of Baba. The toy maker was shocked at this incident and apologized for cheating the king. Due to this reason devotees offer a wooden toy with a new cloth in the temples on his Jayanthi.

Once a few saints from Mecca came to test his spiritual powers. At the time of dinner they refused to eat food because their utensils were lying in Mecca and they couldn’t use other utensils for the same purpose. That time Baba Ramdev told them that their utensils are on their way and within no time they could see them flying in the air towards them. Since then, they called him Ram Shah Peer.

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#1 Anand kumar 2018-07-23 15:40
I am a great devotee of ram dev peer and my father was a great devotee too, I tend to follow him bcoz of his spirituality and uplift ment of the poor and downtrodden!!!

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