घृतक्षीरप्रदा गावो घृतयोन्यो  घृतभ्रदवा ||
घृतनघो घ्राताववत्त्सिता में संतु सदा गृहे ||

Bahula Chauth
India is a land of festivals. Numerous festivals are held every year to celebrate various occasions and events. One such unique festival is Bahula Chauth or Bol Chauth. The festival is celebrated as a mark of respect to the cattle, considering the important role they play for a farmer. The festival is celebrated during the auspicious month of Shraavana. Bahula Chauth is mainly celebrated by the farming community in the state of Gujarat. Bahula Chauth is celebrated with religious fervor, a day before the Nag Panchami festival.

Festivities During Bahula Chauth (बहुला चौथ उत्सव)

Festivities During Bahula Chauth
Bahula Chauth festival is a poise occasion for the devotees of Lord Krishna. They ensure that celebrations are carried out in its true spirit. Portraits of Lord Krishna signifying his love for the cattle are displayed and worshiped by the farming community in Gujarat. The farming community throughout Gujarat arise early in the morning on Bahula Chauth. Farmers ensure that their cattle look clean on the occasion. The sheds and the cattle alike are cleansed thoroughly on the occasion. Delicacies prepared from rice are offered to the cattle and the farmers pray for the well being of their cattle on the occasion of Bahula Chauth.

Rituals of Bahula Chauth (बहुला चौथ का अनुष्ठान)

Rituals of Bahula Chauth
The farming community consumes delicacies prepared from millets on Bahula Chauth. A special fact associated with Bahula Chauth festivities is that families usually cook under the open sky on this day. The same is then consumed in the courtyard only. The consumption of milk is prohibited on the occasion of Bahula Chauth. Any preparation made from various milk products is also not taken on the festival day.

Special prayer sessions are organized during the evenings and villagers attend Bahula Chauth recital sessions in which the village priest enthrals the gathering with various ritualistic tales associated with Bahula Chauth.

Bahula Chauth Aarti (बहुला चौथ की आरती)

Bahula Chauth Aarti

Legend of Bahula Chauth (बहुला चौथ की कथा)

Hindu scriptures mention various tales associated with Bahula Chauth. According to one such legend, a cow by the name of Bahula was on the way home to feed her calf. The cow encountered a Lion on the way who wanted to eat her. The cow mentioned to the Lion that she was on her way home to feed her hungry calf. She promised to return to the Lion after feeding the calf.
Legends of Bahula Chauth
The Lion agreed and as per her promise, the cow returned to the Lion after feeding her calf. The Lion was so moved by the commitment of the cow for her calf that he decided to let her go to her calf. The festivities are also celebrated as a mark of respect for the cattle that show not only for their calf but also for the farming community whose livelihood depends to a great extent on their cattle.

Women in some parts of Gujarat state observe Vrat or fast on the occasion to seek the blessings of the Lord on the occasion of Bahula Chauth. The festival is being celebrated from ancient days and changing times has only led to the festivities being celebrated with religious vigour and enthusiasm.

बहुला चौथ की व्रत कथा और आरती हिंदी में पढ़ें, क्लिक करें

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