Barabanki Waris Shah Mela Night
The spirit of secularism in India is manifested by the ample varieties of fairs and festivals celebrated here. Indians celebrate almost all festivals of all religions with full fervor and Barabanki mela is the perfect illustration of such national integration. Barabanki Mela also referred as Deva mela, is celebrated annually in the months of October and November.

Haji Waris ShahThe carnival is organized at Deva, 10 km. from Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh). The place is popular for the presence of the famous Dargah of Haji Waris Ali Shah, the revered Sufi saint. The Urs or commemoration of the sacred shrine of the Sufi saint Haji Waris Ali Shah is celebrated as Barabanki Mela, attended by devoted Muslims coming from far long areas.

Every year thousands of people gather from almost all parts of India to participate in the fair. Pilgrims from Pakistan and Middle East countries also reach here to witness the holy fair.

This fair promotes the feelings of communal harmony and peace among all and even contributes in strengthening bonds with neighboring countries.


Pilgrims from far long areas gather in Barabanki fair to pay their homage to the Sufi Saint and enjoy the religious fair. The arena of fair gets vibrant by the stunning decorations and lightings of shops at fair ground.
Barabanki Dewa Shareef
The 10 day fair starts with the ceremony of chadar presentation. Silk Sheets are placed on the tombs of Haji Sahib.Barabanki Fair is filled with lots of exhilarating activities, where one can enjoy and get lost in festivities of the fair.

Barabanki Mela DanceThe fair organizes cultural activities like Mushaira, Kavi sammelan, music conference and debate. All those who are interested in games, can participate in different tournaments of Hockey, Volleyball, and Badminton as well as Rifle shooting and Kite Flying programs.

Cattle market is the main attraction for visitors from distinct places. As shops have always been the vital part of any fair, this fair also sets up many shops adding much excitement for people attending the fair. The fair concludes on a higher note with display of fabulous fireworks.

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