Bateshwar FairThe state of Uttar Pradesh is popular for its rich spiritual legacy with the series of religious festivals celebrated across the state. The long list of festivals and fairs of the state includes the Bateshwar Fair on top of the list. The well known Bateshwar fair is held at Bateshwar, the spiritual and cultural center of the state.

Bateshwar is located at a distance of 70 km. from Agra on the banks of river Yamuna. The place is named after presiding divine being of the place Bateshwar Mahadeo and has 108 temples, dedicated to the divine deities of the Hindu pantheon.

The Bateshwar Fair is of great importance in Hindu religion. The fair is held in the month of karthik which is considered very auspicious and sacred in Hindu religion. Large number of devotees flock towards the place to take holy dip in Yamuna, worship Lord Shiva and witness the grand Bateshwar Fair.

Bateshwar Fair is proverbial for cattle fair which is organized with lots of fanfare where people either sell or purchase livestock. The fair includes the market of large numbers of camels, horses, oxen, elephants, goats, and other cattle. There are lots of shops for visitor other then animal market like different shops offering variety of products from furniture, handicrafts and cosmetics to traditional cooking utensils and spices.

The Bateshwar livestock fair is organized for 3 weeks. The first two weeks mark the cattle fair which begin with the market of cows, oxen, camels and horses ends with the market of donkeys and goats. The third week holds market of different household products and rides for the complete entertainment of visitors of the fair. The Bateshwar Fair presents the colorful glimpse of the rural life of India in a true sense.
Time for celebration

Bateshwar Fair is celebrated with a great deal of ardor and enthusiasm. Bateshwar Fair starts from Shashti in the month of Kartik and ends on Panchami in the month of Agrahayan.  According to Gregorian calendar, the fair falls in October and November.

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