The large number of devotees gather here at the time of the fair and pay reverence and offerings to all the deities in the temple. The priest or the Mathadish comes to the fair grounds from Sabha along with a huge procession and a statue of Mavji, seated on the horseback.

The Mathadish and the statue of Mavji is bathed into the river. This river water is considered holy and auspicious and devotees bath in to it. People believe that taking a dip in this holy water will purify them and all their sins will ward off.

Prayers are offered five times a day in the temples of Brahma and Lakshmi-Narayana. The temple of Baneshwar Mahadev remains open from 5.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. during the fair. The Shiva linga is bathed and then saffron is applied on it along with incense sticks.
Then they have an Aarti, which is waved with clanging brass gong and is then followed by colourful celebrations. Devotees offer wheat flour, pulses, rice, jaggery, ghee, salt, chillies, coconut and cash in the temple.


All the tribal people, young or old, who come to attend the Baneshwar Fair sing traditional folk songs in high spirits while they sit around bonfire every night. Groups of villagers are also invited to participate in various cultural and traditional programs. The fair is coloured by the cheerfulness of songs, folk dances, magic shows, animal shows and acrobatic feats. The fair resonate with the gaiety of people coming there. The local people also actively participate in various activities. For kids, there are fun rides on merry-go-rounds and swings that enhance your experience even further.

A temporary mini market is set-up in the fair place, where you can find all handmade glittery stuff. There are also many useful items for household work, farming tools and fancy items as well. The large number of make shift stalls prove to be a shopping paradise for both buyers and sellers.

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