Bikaner Camel Festival The Bikaner Camel Festival is organized in the beautiful city of Bikaner, Rajasthan by the state’s Tourism Department. The desert town of Bikaner is located in the Northern part of Rajasthan. The festival is organized every year in January or late December to emphasize the value of the ship of the desert – “Camel”. The two-day festival is marked by different interesting activities.

This festival starts with a magnificent procession of bedecked camels against the red sandstone backdrop of the Junagarh Fort (1588-1593) in the town.

It is a colorful spectacle of beautifully decorated camels that fascinates the onlookers with their charm and grace.

The festivity advances to the open sand spreads of the Polo Grounds, followed by camel races, camel milking, fur-cutting design, the best breed competition, camel acrobatics, camel bands, and so on.

The sight of unusual camel activities like camel races, camel dances, and the bumpy, neck-shaking camel rides highly fascinates the viewers. The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their riders.

Their displays and competitions accompany the color, music, and rhythm unique to a fair in Rajasthan. The jubilant skirt-swirling dancers, the awe-inspiring fire dance, and the dazzling fireworks light up the fortified Desert City. The festivities reach to their peak with a different tenor as the renowned artists display a medley of folk dances and songs. Finally, the festival concludes on a fine note with a magnificent display of sparkling fireworks that illuminate the desert city of Bikaner.

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