Chandigarh Carnival is an annual event held in Chandigarh. It is an extremely mega event held in the month of November and normally lasts for three days. The fair marks a highly innovative step taken by the Chandigarh administration that has over the years been a great promoter and contributor towards exposing and exhibiting the talent breeding in the city.

imgA1.jpgAge specific competitions and events are held that provide a chance to everybody to come forward and showcase their talents to people. There are special competitions for children, adults and senior citizens. Many schools also come and take part in this three-day event.

The fair is always mentioned whenever the culture and tradition of Chandigarh is talked about. It is not only the spirit of the Carnival but the systematic arrangements by the administration as well that deserves a round of applause. Pick and drop, accommodation and other conveniences are provided and planned well in advance leaving no stone unturned for their citizens to participate.


The Grand Carnival generally starts with a fantastic parade where one can get to see people dressed in colorful costumes dancing and singing to the tune of their favorite songs.
All the three days of the Carnival are well planned and packed with numerous activities. Numerous competitions, events are present for every generation and taste of people. Over the years the carnival ha become so popular that viewers come from far and wide to witness this mega event.

Some of the major competitions that are held over here include clay modeling, painting, fancy dress, singing, sit-and -draw competitions and others.

Time and Venue:

The fair is an annual event organized by the administration of Chandigarh aimed at promoting the talent of citizens and providing them a valid platform for the same. The Carnival is held every year in the month of November. The venue for the same is Leisure valley in Sector 10.

Chandigarh Carnival 2015:

The mega event of Chandigarh carnival is held every year in November.

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