Chapchar Kut is an important traditional and cultural festival celebrated in all the villages of Mizoram. Each village have developed their own style of celebration over the years. The general standard of celebrations was of four to five days. The normal order of celebrations goes like this–

Day One - Pig slaughtering known as ‘Lusei Vawktalh’ is carried out late in the day and feast is held in Lusei Style. Upas-Elders drink beer while young people are busy in preparing traditional food items for the festival.

Chapchar Kut

Day Two - Ralte Vawktalh - killing pigs early in the day. Their kith and kin are collected to a pig-feast. Elders of both the sexes spent the day drinking beer while young boys and girls sing and dance. The elder women carry the cooked food and boiled eggs and offer it to the passers by at entrance of the village-usually under the banyan trees/near memorial stone.

Day Three– As the night arrives, all the young boys and girls gear up for celebrations and get dressed up along with Amber necklaces, ivory ear-rings and beautiful head gears. Boys and girls dance in circles; they throw their hands over each others while swaying to the left and to the right rhythmically to the beat and tune of the drummer. When tired, they quench their thirst with rice-beer.

Day Four – Zupui, a rice-beer brewed with husks on it, is a mild beer, specially made for festive and special days. On this day Zupui contributed by various families were passed around the whole day. Traditional sing-song and dancing happens in the evening.

Day Five – ‘Zu Thing Chawi Ni’ - on the fifth day - it was custo¬mary to try and finish all the Zu (beer) contributed or collected for the Chapchar Kut.

Day Six - ‘Eipuar Awm Ni’ - A day of Siesta. After ha¬ving feasted on meat and drinks for five days this is the day of rest. People don’t go out work or for hunting on this day.

Chapchar Kut Celebration Video

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