Around 1450-1700 A.D., a Kawlni Chief ruled Suaipui village of Mizoram. That time every young man dreamed to excel in a feat of strength, skill or bravery in battle or in hunting.

It was expected that their achievements would glorify the village and sway off the chief. The chief and his son used to lead young men of the village at war or hunting expeditions.
Poeple enjoying Chapchar Kut

One fine morning in spring, the Chief of Suaipui gathered young men from his village and led them for a hunting expedition into the deep forests, along with their firelock muskets, spears and daos.

The hunting expedition took several days. The villagers eagerly waited for their return. The return was expected to be a great moment of rejoicement and feasts were planned.

But according to the legend, unfortunately, the chief and his fighters were cursed by ‘Chawngleri’, queen of the beasts. They hunters returned to the village empty-handed in bad condition.

The chief then hosted a feast instantly, served meat and rice-beer to overcome the disappointment. This boosted up their spirits and the the entire community enjoyed very much, forgetting about the unsuccessful hunt. They turned ‘defeat into victory’, and that is the reason why Mizo people celebrate Chapchar Kut.

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