There are many stories behind the origin of Chappar Mela. Following two are the most important ones:

Centuries ago, a boy and a snake took birth together in a family at chappar village. Both were so close to each other that if one suffered a pain the other used to cry. One day the mother of the child went to the fields laying the child alone on a cot. As the day was scorching hot, snake prevented the child from sun by stretching its hood over him. Seeing this, a villager killed the snake to protect child from snake bite. Due to high level of intimacy between both of them, the child also died immediately after the death of snake leaving clouds of sorrow in the family. The family members worshipped Guga and Sidh, deeply lost in the sorrow of their son. And a he-goat was also left there to mark the place of worship by striking at a particular place.
The place is renowned as Mari Guga where people pay their homage to Guga every year, on the occasion of chappar fair.

The story for the second fair called “Minor Chappar Fair”-

The maharaja at the time of onset of the 20th century had banned the celebrations of Chappar Fair on a complaint by local farmers. But banning of the fair brought curse to the place and many horses started dying bafflingly. The mystery was solved and the misfortune stopped only on the announcement of another fair called “Minor Chappar Fair”, which is organized after the main Chappar fair.

Chappar Fair

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