India is known for its colorful festivals and fairs which inculcate life in the culture and tradition of people. One such fair organized is Charbhuja Nath fair which is celebrated to worship Lord Vishnu, known as Charbhuja because he has four hands. This fair is organized on the 11th day of the Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi in the Charbhuja Temple situated in Garhbor village of the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

The Charbhuja Nath fair is an annual event organized to worship Lord Vishnu who sustains and preserves the universe according to the Hindu methodology and is the symbol of truth and peace. Lord Vishnu’s earthly incarnations have ten avatars. Vishnu is often depicted as reclining on a Sheshanaga- the coiled, many-headed snake floating on cosmic waters that represents the peaceful universe. This pose symbolizes the calm and patience in the face of fear and worries that the poisonous snake represents. The message here is that you should not let fear overpower you and disturb your peace.

Charbhuja Nath Fair Celebrations

This fair is celebrated at the Charbhuja temple which was built in 1444 AD. This fair is held on Bhadrapad Ekadashi also known as Jal Jhoolni Gyaras. Thousands of pilgrims come here from all over India to worship Lord Vishnu and seek His blessings. Jhaljhoolni Gyaras is the eleventh day of the bright fortnight of the Bhadrapad month.

According to the legend, King Gang Dev Ji once had a dream in which he received divine instructions that an idol will be discovered from water and it has to be installed inside his fort. The king uncovered the quintessential idol from water and ceremonially installed it inside his fort and since then, almost 125 battles have been fought in order to protect it. People believe that the 82 feet high idol has to be immersed in water of River Gomati several times to protect it from invaders. This Charbhuja idol of Lord Vishnu is believed to be rich in miraculous powers. The idol has four hands holding a conch, discus, mace and a lotus flower.

On this day, the devotees from far across India, assemble at the temple and take out the idol of Charbhuja Nath Ji in a grand procession in a nearby lake. On the way to the lake, people welcome the procession with flowers and perfumes. A holy bath is given to the deity at the lake after which, special prayers and hymns are chanted in the Lord s honor. People dress in their traditional Rajasthani attire - a beautiful reflection of their culture. After this, a grand feast is organized which includes fascinating Rajasthani cuisines such as seero, imarti, daal, baati, churma, mirchi bada, bikaneri bhujia, pyaaj kachori and many more.

Lord Charbhuja blesses his devotees with extreme patience and the power to judge the truth. People pray to be rid of problems and fears they face in life. This fair enhances harmonious relationships among people

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