Charta Festival is the harvest festival of Chhattisgarh. The festival is celebrated in Koriya district of the state. Charta festival falls on the poornima or full moon day of the Hindu month of Paush in December end or beginning of January.
The festival is celebrated by all tribal communities in the region. The festival is marked by the grand feast on the banks of near by water bodies. All people eagerly wait for the most awaited festival. Celebration begins from the morning by the preparation of special mid day meal at their home. Later in the day, kids of the village gather and move to different houses for collecting rice grains. The collection is later cooked by married females of the society on the banks of water bodies, which is enjoyed and eaten as a grand feast.

The festivity is marked by the joyous ambience created by the dancing and singing population of the region while waiting for the grand feast.

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