There was a dictator named Mirkhshah who used to force Hindus to embrace Islam. The exploited Hindus prayed and underwent many rituals and vigil on the bank of Sindhu. In the evening, they worshiped God Varun, sang songs in his praise and prayed for their solace and salvation.

No new clothes or shoes were used. Men did not shave. On the 40th and final day, the River god appeared and spoke to them.

Then, Varun devta took the form of Jhulelal as a son to Devaki and Rattanchand of Nasarpur on Cheti Chand, two dates  from new moon of CHET.

Lord Uderolal

The astrologer called the child Uderolal. In Sanskrit ‘Udero’ means, the one who has sprung from the waters.

The cradle of Uderolal would swing on its own; hence the child got the name “Jhulelal”.

The child Uderolal performed many miracles for Ratanchand and the inhabitants of Nassarpur. Mirkhshah heard of this and became very anxious to know more about the mysterious child. God s involvement always led to the defeat of Mirkshah.

Finally when Uderolal came face to face with Mirkhshah, he said,"Whatever you see around yourself is the creation of one and only God, whom you call Allah and Hindus call Ishwar . Hindus, Muslims and other human beings are all his creation". This resolved the problems faces by the sindhies and the dictatorship of Mirkhshah came to an end. Since then, people rejoice this day and pray the lord Varun.

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