Several rituals are practiced during the festival of Cheti Chand which keeps the traditional spirit of the festival high.

An earthen wheat lamp (akshaoil) with five wicks is lit on a bronze plate which is filled with rice grains, pure ghee and vermillion; called Jyot Jagan is performed. Wheat Modaks decorated with vermillion, cardamom, almonds and cloves, topped with a large piece of refined sugar (Misri) and sprinkled with little water and unboiled milk surrounded with garland are also kept near it.

Cheti Chand Rituals

Five different types of fruits and some flowers are kept in a separate plate along with a copper jar of water which bores a coconut covered in a red cloth on it. The lamps and incense sticks are lighted.

Guji Deg (Tahiree) is a kind of sweet rice prepared to offer to Jhulelal. This rice is prepared with pure ghee, cardamom, saffron, sugar, milk, water and rice. Channa (gram) and sweet rice are distributed as Prasad.

Lord Ganesha, also called the Vignaharta, the remover of obstacles is worshiped. The Stutis in praise of Jhulelaal Devta are sung which are known as Panjras. The Panjras paint the beautiful pictures of word to worship Jhulelaal Devtaa. These are then followed by Bhajans, sung in the praise of lord.

The vigor, enthusiasm, abundance and rhythm of Chhejj dance takes the worshiper into dreams. The dancers make a circle with Dounjaas (sticks) in their hands and clap their sticks with the rhythm of the Dhol and to the tune of the Shehnai. It is performed by men only. More than seven dancers take part in it.

After the much enjoyment in dance, Aarti is performed, where songs are sung, in the praise of Jhulelal. People seek the blessings of good and welfare of all by spreading the lower part of the shirt or Kurta. This is called Pallav ceremony.

Holy water is sprinkled on the parishioners, which is called Chhando. The Guji Deg, Modaks and other Pooja material together are called Bahrano Sahab.

The young and old all performing "Chhej" in the procession march to the river front or sea shore. Bahrano Saheb is immersed in the water along with rice and sugar prasad called "Akho" among the singing of Lal Sain s Panjras and Palav to seek his grace.

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