Although gifts bring a smile to the face of every human being, it is the most in case of children. Children love to receive gifts whatever it may be. The occasion of Children’s Day is special for every child and should be so.

Most parents, teachers, elders wish to gift kids related to them on this occasion. Although gifts should always be chosen keeping the kid’s choice in mind, following are some of the most appreciated gifts that every child likes.

Baby Toys:

Balls, guns, dolls, indoor game kits, soft toys and many more varieties of toys are available in the market these days with some beautiful features. These toys are available in all ranges right from low priced to exorbitant priced ones. Many companies are now exploring the segment of Kids toys as it is an ever growing market. Any of these toys can be picked depending on the choice of the child.

Kitchen and Doctor sets:

Kids, generally girls are seen enjoying the games in which they behave as a doctor or teacher. They try to imitate the teachers around them. For this purpose many companies have developed playing sets that have many ingredients to give

Chess & Checkers:

If the child’s age is around 12 years, games like chess and checkers are the best choice as a gift. These games are not only fun to play but also increase the level of intellect of kids.They require great cognition and aptitude skills to made quick decisions and hence are a perfect gift for growing souls.


However old, every child loves to eat cakes and pastries. They can be prepared at home also, but these days wide varieties of them are available in the market as well. Many flavors and choices are there to pick and choose from.


Chocolates are also immensely popular among kids. On many occasions children receive chocolates from their elders. The occasion of Children’s Day being very special for every child a chocolate pack can definitely bring a smile on his face.

Cars and trucks:

Beautiful models of cars and trucks made of non-breakable material are widely available that are liked by children.

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