Christmas in Daman
What better place to ring in the Christmas cheer than the last bastion of the Portuguese. It is a place which is a melting pot of cultures and represents a very vibrant India. If Daman is the city of twin forts – The Fort of St Jerome and The fort of Moti Daman then Diu is the land of sea, sand and serenity. Both Daman and Diu are geographically quite far from each other as they are separated by a distance of almost 650 kms but culturally they are very similar and so are their friendly, simple and sea loving residents.

Daman is easily accessible by train, Vapi is the main rail head and all major trains such as Shatabdi also stop here. If you want to travel by air Mumbai is the best option .

Christmas in Daman

Christmas is eagerly anticipated and celebrated in a grand way in both Daman and Diu. Daman is famous for its Church of Bom Jesus which was consecrated in 1603. The Church of Our Lady of Angustias, The Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary and Church of Our Lady of Remedies are the very famous churches here. The major attraction of the Christmas celebrations is the Portuguese dance in its entire vibrant splendor is a major attraction. It was under the Portuguese rule till 1961 and is still has strong Christian influences. The culture is heavily influenced by the Gujarat and Gujarati is widely spoken though English is the official language and Hindi is widely understood. For Christmas Eve the houses as well the commercial places and all attractions in the town are lit up and beautifully decorated. It is a virtual explosion of color, light, laughter and fun. The town itself is full of beautiful emerald greenery nestled by the side of the Arabian Sea and the various hotels and restaurants offer packages and deals during this time.

Christmas in Diu

Diu is geographically and culturally similar to Daman and is a blend of Hindus, Muslims and Christians and heavily influenced by neighboring Gujarat. This town is also heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture and Portuguese is widely spoken along with English, Hindi and Guajarati. The whole atmosphere is quite laid back and relaxed but to welcome the good cheer and love of Jesus brings alive the town. The hotels and guest houses over flow with tourists both local and foreign and cheap liquor and great feasts abound everywhere. The festivities start with the Public Fair which is held in December every year and continue with Christmas way in to the New Year till Makarsakranti.

St Paul’s Church, dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Inception is the main church and celebrates Christmas with the Midnight Mass as well as dances well into the night followed by parties and get-togethers at various houses, beaches and hotels. The Church of St. Thomas is now a museum and The Church of St. Francis of Assisi is now a government hospital. The picturesque town with its small markets, clean ambiance, friendly yet simple locals and beautiful pristine beaches welcome you to enjoy the festival with its charm, goodwill and the spirit of giving.
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