Christmas in Delhi
Christmas is celebrated around the world on the 25th of December, every year. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Traditionally, it involves decorating a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts and spending some quality time with kith and kins. The major celebrations of Christmas take place on the Christmas Eve. It is a time when the families and friends get together. As soon as the clock strikes twelve in the midnight, Christians visit the church to participate in the Mass. One can notice the unity in diversity aspect of India on this festival. The magnificent Christmas celebrations in the capital city of Delhi support the opinion.

Christmas is probably the only festival that is celebrated across all religions, nationalities and age groups.  Everyone is equally excited about shopping for gifts, baking cakes and taking part in the festivities. Delhi markets echo the spirit of this festival since they are overflowing with Christmas souvenirs, Santa hats, decorations, baked treats etc. Hotels, restaurants and shops try to outshine each other with the brightest possible decorations and most attractive festive offers. Many of them organize parties on Christmas day.

The Yuletide season in Delhi is meant for shopping, partying and reveling. Christmas celebrations cannot be complete without the Santa Claus, therefore days before the actual festival he can be seen distributing sweets at a number of spots in the Capital.

Special Attractions in Delhi on Christmas:

  • All the churches of Delhi, especially the Sacred Heart Cathedral are beautifully lit up and decorated at the time of Christmas. It is one of the oldest churches in Delhi. The main events include the Feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth which is the Christmas Vigil Service held an hour before midnight on 24th December and the Morning Mass on Christmas day.

  • One of the main markets of Delhi, Connaught Place sets up a special Christmas Carnival sale. This area buzzes with activity during the Christmas period. It is decked up with Christmas lights, seasonal sales stalls and street food vendors.

  • The winter carnival for children and their parents at Dilli Haat is another major attraction. This place offers rides, magic shows, handicrafts and food from all over the country. A tall beautifully decorated Christmas tree is also showcased.

  • In order to relish a real feasting experience one can opt for the Christmas Buffets offered by many restaurants in the central Delhi.

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