Christmas Celebrations in Kerala

Come Christmas and the whole world brightens up into a festive mood. There is so much of excitement everywhere around, just experiencing it is a feeling in itself. Christmas is celebrated with much fanfare all over the world. And when it comes to Kerala, the festivities of Christmas has a grace and charm of its own. In Kerala, it is not just the Christians who wholeheartedly enjoy the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. People from all religion Hindu, Muslims or even Jews alike, find immense joy in submerging themselves in the spirit of Christmas. No wonder, the state of Kerala is considered one of the best places in all of India to enjoy the festive mood of Christmas.

Just when Christmas is around the corner, the preparations for the festivities begin in full swing. There are the brightly twinkling Xmas stars, the yummy, delicious plum cakes in every houses and shops. Everywhere people are singing beautiful carols. The whole mood of the festival cheers up the young and old alike. The households and the city equally bustle up with activity awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ. The shop owners have a good time earning huge profits selling all the Christmas goodies like stars, cakes and other little goodies of crib making.

Its Christmas time the scenic greenery in Kerala gets even more enhanced with bright hues of red and gold adding to the elegance of green. There is the pretty papa Santa decoration in red outfits hanging from every house door, the gates adorned with golden Christmas wreaths intimating the arrival of Christmas and the busy folks running around making the prettiest of cribs at their houses and churches for the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Christmas cards are an inevitable part of Christmas when you are in Kerala. People of all ages, young and old alike send beautiful greeting cards to their loved ones far away. With the advent of instant messaging and email, the greeting card has of course taken a back seat but luckily, has not disappeared completely. That shows the sincerity and devotion filled in the minds of people in Kerala about the spirit of Christmas. Plum cakes play a major part in fulfilling the Christmas festivities out in Kerala. Other than the ones found in bakeries, every household finds joy in baking their own, homemade versions of plum cakes. Not to mention the yummiest pastries that you get to buy in bakeries of Kerala. They are simply mouth watering and delicious.

Nowhere in the world, is Christmas complete without wines. So is the case in Kerala too. The elaborate wine making process begins with a lot of excitement months before itself so that the tastiest, delightful wines are ready by the Christmas dawn. During Christmas Crib making contest are held in every localities, schools and colleges in Kerala. People painstakingly collect goodies and small knick-knacks to ensure that their crib comes out to be the best and emerges the winner. And yes there are trophies to be given out to the winners too. There is a lot of fun and frolic one get to enjoy when celebrating Christmas in Kerala. Kerala and the spirit of the lovely place during Christmas is exhilarating.
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