Nigeria is one of the formidable African nations that has witnessed crucial developments of economic and social importance. Several cultural and religious events are celebrated by Nigerians with pomp and show. Christmas Day is a major festival that marks a new spirit of exuberance among the people of Nigeria. In fact, there are several languages spoken in Nigerian due to which Merry Christmas is denoted in different ways. For instance, it is "Barka da Kirsimati" in Hausa and "Jabbama be Salla Kirismati" in Fulani. Private parties are thrown in a lavish manner by several families to observe the birth of Jesus Christ in a unique manner.
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Several tourists are known to make their way to the Giant of Africa to celebrate a special occasion like Christmas in a memorable manner along with their friends and families. Homes and offices are beautifully adorned, which is a great sight to watch during nights. People throng churches in large numbers to offer their sacred prayers to the God and to greet people on this divine occasion. Most of the premises are found with artificial Christmas trees decorated with colorful lights. People dressed in the costume of Santa Claus are known to surprise the locals and tourists by offering them with surprise gifts throughout the day.

Local churches reflect Nigerian Christmas celebrations in a glorious manner with the consideration of multiple features in an effective manner. People actively participate in numerous activities such as singing Christmas carols and distributing cakes and sweets to others. The traditional process of sending beautiful and creative Xmas cards to the near and dear is still maintained, which is so refreshing to observe in these days of modern communication technology. Nigerians give utmost importance to traditional way of celebrating any occasion.
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Christmas is celebrated for almost a month in Nigeria. Typically, the beginning of the celebrations is considered from as far as December 1 on which children are known to burn crackers and decorate homes. Elders give small tasks to kids regarding their ideal way of celebrating Christmas to generate more enthusiasm among them. Christmas shopping begins from December 10 and will last for around a week. Nigerians families throng local shopping centers during this period. Traditional way of celebrating Christmas has got its own importance because of which Nigeria has got a special place in this regard across the world.

New Year Eve too is included as part of the Christmas celebrations as the entire process will consummate only on January 10. Meanwhile, typical Nigerian recipes such as Pounded yam are prepared to serve entire family marking the celebrations of Christmas in a grand manner. Redeemed Christian Church of God is the largest church in Nigeria where people assemble in large numbers from all parts of the country including the capital city Abuja. Babel of Hypocrisy is another major church where active Christmas celebrations of Nigeria could be witnessed in which tourists too participate in an enthusiastic manner.

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