Christmas in Office
Christmas and the New Year season is the perfect occasion for that rare get together with the office colleagues. These celebrations are held in offices at least a week in advance since this is a vacation time. Under such circumstances, office parties are normally organized on Fridays, mostly in the afternoon. However, the flexibility of the timing is decided after mutual consent of the office staff.

These celebrations usher in some holiday cheer among the office staff that actually serves in boosting the productivity of employees. The preparation starts with the office décor that is done according to the occasion. A proper medium sized Christmas tree is the most important item that is placed in the middle of the reception area. The entire staff engages in decorating the tree by using colorful ribbons, lace, glitters, colored bulbs etc. A theme based décor is also in vogue these days like prominent use of red color, Santa caps, stars etc. for the entire space.

A Secret Santa is another way to celebrate the occasion. Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a workplace are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. Secret Santa saves the time and expense of getting gifts or writing Christmas cards for the entire office and eliminates the hard feelings in case some co-workers are left out. The participation is usually voluntary and promotes a spirit of solidarity among the co-workers.
Competitions are held to regale the staff. Employees compete in decorating their personal spaces for the holidays. Singing competitions are organized where many a times employees realize their undiscovered talent. Management selects the winner(s) and the prize can range from a movie tickets to a gift card.

Secondly, a grand feast is organized since no celebration is complete without some bon appétit moments therefore, this makes an inevitable part. It can be a casual get together or a formal affair in some high end hotel. The company can sponsor the party for the staff or each staff members can contribute for it. This is also a great time for distribution of some memorable Christmas and New Year gifts among the employees. These celebrations are eagerly anticipated by the employees throughout the year. It is a time to gear up for a fresh start with some new resolutions that aim at achieving some unrealized goals of last year.

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