Deck every corner of your home in festive cheer, this holiday season with the following decoration ideas:

1. The Quintessential Christmas Tree

Decoration Idea for Christmas

The best decoration idea till date is a well decorated Christmas tree that is the center of attraction on this day. It is usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine or fir. These days an artificial Christmas tree usually made from PVC is also available. Both are elaborately decorated with tinsel, ornaments, lights, garlands etc.

2. Colored Pine-cones

Pine cones for Christmas Decorations

Pine-cones can be painted in various colors, but they look great in golden paint. A bit of glitter can be added for a sparkling effect. These can be placed on side tables or filled in baskets.

3. Decorating the Door

Decoration on Doors for Christmas

One can make their own holiday wreaths by bending the greenery into a circle and tying it together with materials like fishing string, ribbon or rope. It can be hung on the door and decorated with extra ribbons, pinecones or ornaments for welcoming the Christmas cheer.

4. Decoration with Stockings

Decoration with Stocking on Christmas

Stockings are a must have for any Christmas decor. Although there are a lot of places to hang them but the classic place is a mantel. Other apt places are chairs, staircases and walls .This is one those traditions that could bring a lot of cheer during holidays.

5.Beyond the Christmas Tree

Besides the Christmas tree the ornaments and bells can be hung all over the house for extra flair. These strings of metal balls look especially nice on windowsills.

6. Decorating with Garlands

Decoration Ideas for Houses

Intertwine flowers, feathers, pine cones and mini ornaments throughout the basic garland for a different look. These fancy garlands can be used to decorate staircase, mantel, windows etc.

7. Festive Illuminations

Light fixtures are a great place to add that extra holiday cheer. One can wrap glittering leaves around a chandeliers base or hang fancy glass ornaments.

8. A White Christmas

Snowflakes as Christmas Decorations

Even if it doesn’t snow on Christmas, one can still enjoy a few falling flakes indoors. This experience can be achieved by sticking snowflake cut outs on windowpanes.

9. A Christmas Cloche

Unique Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Christmas ornaments can be displayed under a garden cloche (a bell-shaped glass cover) that functions as a miniature greenhouse for outdoor plants. A cloche is turned upside down and balanced inside a teacup.

10. A Candle Decoration

Candle Decoration for Christmas

A silver serving tray serves a perfect receptacle for a collection of shimmery candle-holders, fancy candles, evergreen sprigs, pine-cones and holiday ornaments. The big items are tugged in first, followed by orbs, pine-cones and greenery.

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