With the drop in temperature, the warmth of Christmas season has set in, and so has the old nail-biting problem of buying presents. You are ready to shell out the money, but you aren’t sure what to get your children. The stores are going to get crowded soon and you’re aware of the confusion that grips them in the days leading up to major festivals. As they say, well begun is half done, and knowing what you want to buy is a good enough beginning.

1. Boards Games and Building Blocks

Bulding Blockss

Board games and building blocks are not just toys – they enhance the mind of the players and have educational value. What’s more, you can join the fun and bond with your kids.

2. Electronic Gadgets

Games for Kids on Christmas

Who doesn’t want a snazzy electronic gadget? Whether it’s a mobile phone, a video game console, or a tablet, if your kid is old enough to use one, this is a present that you can’t go wrong with.

3. Books and Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels for Kids

So, your kids are the type that would rather chill with a book than thumb a keypad. If that’s the case, rush to the nearest bookstore and buy them the latest hit in the children’s section. There are plenty of bestsellers available in the genre. Alternatively, if they love books and gadgets equally, an ebook reader is the gift of choice.

4. Soft Toys and Action Figures

Stuffed Toys as Christmas Gifts

Some girls just want a teddy to cuddle, and some boys prefer to play with his Batman. Some boys and girls are cool doing both! Soft toys, action figures and dolls are perennial favorites.

5. Sports-gear

Christmas Gifts for Kids

But what if they are the more outdoorsy sort? Your daughter likes nothing better than working out in the badminton court, while your son’s idea of fun is to zip around the neighborhood on his bicycle. Get them quality sports-gear or sports-wear and help them get better at what they do.

6. Art & Craft Sets

Christmas Gifts for Creative Kids

For kids with an artistic inclination, no present can outdo an art and craft set that includes all the tools and paints that can make their imagination come alive. There are so many options to choose from here – oil paints, crayons, pastels, poster colors, pencil sets, quality drawing paper, sculpture sets, etc.

7. Personalized Gifts

Unique gifts are called so because they have no equal. If you want to give presents that are matchless, go for personalized items. Mugs, calendars, journals and T-Shirts are popular choices.

8. Gifts for Design   

Christmas Gifts for the Designer Kids
Kids like to make things, no matter how imperfect the final product may be. Give yours the opportunity to leave a personal touch by buying a plain canvas bag and letting them add their own designs to it. If they can’t come up with any ideas, go with hand-prints!

9. Clothes & Accessories

Clothes and accessories are not the most novel of ideas, but what can beat their usefulness and versatility? Invest in a nice collection for the winter season – it will leave both you and your kids happy.

10. Gift Coupons

The final resort they may be, but they are perhaps the easiest to procure. Simply get them gift coupons for their favorite stores and let them choose their own Christmas presents!

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