Shopping for that special something for the men in our life can be a tough task. From the personality obsessed to the gadget freak, here are certain ideas that might be of some help:

1. Gift of Time

Christmas Gift Idea 1

Watches make the perfect holiday gift for the men in one’s life since they are both functional and stylish. One can choose from an array of styles (depending on their depth of pocket). A timeless piece is an essential element for a sophisticated and refined look.

2. A Designer Wallet

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men-Wallet

If one can afford to buy high end brands then a designer wallet would be the perfect gift. A sophisticated wallet can make one feel special and draw admiring glances of the onlookers. It is one gift of love that will last for years.

3. A Swanky Neck Tie

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Ties

A classic necktie can give a finer edge to ones personality. There’s hardly anything more useful than this gift around this time of the year hence, it makes for a perfect gift. It is something one can wear from the thanksgiving dinner to the New Year s Eve party. It should neither be loud nor too dull, just appropriate.

4. A Personal Grooming Set

Christmas Gifts for Men - Grooming Set

Since, shaving is a daily regime for most men therefore a grooming set can be a sensible gift. This kit generally contains shaving gel, an electric shaver, scissors, tweezers, trimmer and after shave cologne. A well groomed look is a must for those inevitable parties during the holiday season.

5. A Cashmere Jumper

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Clothing

These jumpers are as incredibly soft and warm as they form a practical gift. As December begins to unfold and the Christmas festivities are in full swing the mortals require protection to fight the winters. The answer is a smart and refined sweater which is a perfect way to capture the festivity with comfort.

6. Cufflinks

Christmas Gifts for Men - Cufflinks

These accessories can work wonders in enhancing a male personality. A stylish (and expensive) pair of cufflinks will add that refined touch to the ensemble which makes one standout in the crowd.

7. A Health Boost

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Health Related

Going by the cliched statement-Health is Wealth one can gift a gym membership, a massage or spa treatment, a treadmill, an exercise cycle, a PDA (personal digital assistant), fuel band and so on for the well being of the men in their lives.

8. Headphones

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Headphones

One can oblige a man for life by the gift of quality sound, which also is a must this holiday season. A fitness enthusiast can be presented a pair of high quality ear-buds while a true audiophile will appreciate a set of ear muffs.

9. A Fragrance Set

Christmas Gift for Men - Perfumes

An appealing fragrance is sure fire way to make someone smile. A scent with rich and warm notes can be gifted to chase away the winter blues and celebrate the holiday season.

10. Gaming Accessories

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Game Accessories

Shopping for an avid gamer is a challenging task therefore one can take the safer route and buy only accessories which make gaming easier, keep peripherals charged and help discover areas of gaming that they ve never explored before.

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