Finding the perfect gift for those important women in your life can be quite confounding. Gifts for women should be specifically designed to create some special memories for them. These gifts should express ones unvoiced appreciation for their mothers, sisters, wives or girlfriends this season.

1. Diamond Jewellery

Christmas Gift Idea 1

Since, Diamonds are a girls best friend every woman dreams to receive these coveted items. It can be a simple pair of diamond stud earrings or a more elaborate piece. Ultimately it’s the gesture that matters and not the size.

2. A Great Experience

Christma Gift Ideas for Women 2

Is one of the best gifts one can buy for a woman. A get away can be planned either by gifting her air tickets, a vacation in some exotic foreign land or arranging for a wine tour.

3. Tea Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 3

These gifts are a bit traditional, but a true treasure for the chilly holiday season. A wide variety of teas are available ranging from herbal infusions to traditional teas such as English breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling and green tea. Not only is the warm, soothing scent of tea enough to relax the body and mind, but it has additional health benefits since it is rich in antioxidants.

4. An Artwork

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 4

Add a little color to her home by giving her a piece of rare artwork. One should make sure to know her taste before shopping for a unique piece, so that it ends in a living room rather than her closet.

5. A Classic Watch

Christmas Gift Idea for Women - Watch

A terrific holiday gift for her is a classic watch that will never go out of style. A regular dial with a leather band is perfect for every day but a jeweled bracelet watch is also a great choice.

6. A Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover Gift Ideas for Women

Yes, that’s right, a kitchen makeover! Since a woman spends most of her time in the kitchen it is a great idea. It’s best to surprise her this holiday season so book an appointment with a designer and plan the renovation.

7. A Laptop Bag

For the woman on the go a laptop bag is a perfect holiday gift. Unlike conventional bags, the designer laptop bags are in vogue. These bags are an apt choice since they enhance the personality of a woman.

8. A Picture Frame

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women - Photoframe

A picture frame is a must have under the Christmas tree this Holiday Season. It a great item to keep those cherishable memories alive. A custom designed picture frame is the perfect addition to her room.

9. A Digital Camera

Christmas Gifting Ideas for Women - Digital Camera

Whether she loves photography or just enjoys taking pictures of the family, an easy to use point and shoot camera makes for a great Christmas gift.

10. Winter Boots

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women - Boots

Since boots are favored in every winter season they make for a practical gift. If one is not sure about a specific pair it’s a good idea to take her on a shopping excursion or buy her a gift certificate.

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