Christmas is typically the most festive and popular holiday of the year, hence it is an ideal time to host a party. One can either have a private family get together with a big group of friends or gather all the co-workers for a small office party. Christmas is a time to rejoice and celebrate with loved ones and a time of sharing and spreading joy. Here are some suggestions for an amazing Christmas Party:

1. Party Invites

Christmas Part Idea - Invites

A fabulous witty invitation is a good way to make an impact. The best way is to add a personal touch by sending the good old handwritten note. Another preferred manner is to send a well-designed e-invite that is more eco friendly and cost effective. An RSVP option should be added in order to have an idea of the attendants,that will further help in arrangements for the party.

2. Christmas Tree-Trimming

Christmas Part Idea - Tree Trimming

One of the best parts about the occasion is decorating the Christmas tree. This can be made into a friends or family affair with a small tree-trimming exercise. Before the guests arrive, the tree can be set up along with the lights and garlands. The ornaments are left in baskets so they re easily accessible for decorating the tree.

3. Theme Based Party

Christmas Theme Party Idea

There are many different ideas for Christmas theme parties. It can be a traditional Christmas party with a visit from Santa or a cocktail party with holiday themed food.One can also add an extra touch with party favours like Santa hats and personalized Christmas ornaments for the guests. If the number of guests is small, one can hang Christmas stockings for each guest and fill it with gifts and a Christmas card with a personal note inside.

4. Entertainment

Christmas Musical Party Idea

There are many options to choose from. One of them is to hire professionals like a classical ensemble, brass band or violinist to perform in the party. If the party guests are going to include little ones, then a visit from Santa with a bag of gifts is a good idea. There are other things one can set up to keep them busy, such as decorating cookies, gingerbread houses or have them make their own Christmas Ornaments.

5. Food and Hors d oeuvres

Depending on the size of the Christmas party one can either hire a caterer to handle the food department or manage it on individual level. If the party comprises of adults, one can hire a bartender to serve Christmas cocktails, especially eggnog. Cookies are also a very important part of a Christmas celebration. One can ask the guests to bring a different type of Christmas cookies and organize a cookie exchange party.

6. Gift Exchange

Christmas Party Gift Exchange

Everyone loves a Christmas party with a wacky gift exchange. A price limit can be set and each guest can be asked to bring a wrapped gift. When it s time for the exchange, the gifts can be distributed randomly among the guests.

7. Holiday Crafting

Get into the Christmas spirit with a crafting party by setting up a few tables with craft supplies, and let guests make whatever they desire. One can create a playlist with some all time favourite holiday tunes to play in the background to set the seasonal mood.

8. Christmas Carols

Singing Christmas carols with a group of friends or family is always a soul-warming holiday experience. One can gather around a keyboard, piano, or fireplace for celebrating the occasion. If it s not too chilly, the party can be organized outside as well.

9. Request Donations for Charity

It is also a time to remember the less fortunate ones amidst the festivities. Therefore, guests can be requested to bring donations to the party. A donation table can be set up in a separate room, so that guests don’t get judged for their contributions. A bowl or covered box is set up where guests can make contributions according to their capacity. A note can be left next to the donation area so that guests can familiarize themselves with the associated charity organization.

10. Hire a party planner

Catering and event management for Christmas Parties

If one doesn’t have the time to plan for a party at the eleventh hour, they can hire a party planner to handle the details. For corporate Christmas parties and company holiday parties it is a sensible choice to hire an event planner because of the sheer scale of the event.

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