As the winter holidays are nearing, office managers are looking for lovely gifts to appease their co works and associates. In this sort of situation, where shopping has to be done for both men and women, it can be a challenging task to look for presents that are loved by everyone. Here are some gift ideas for this holiday season:

1. A Digital Luggage Scale

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers
This digital scale shows the weight of luggage in pounds or kilos. It is a perfect gift for both business and leisure travel purpose (especially during the Christmas holidays). The digital luggage scale is a practical gift and prevents extra charges at the airport.

2. A Solar Charger

In present times ones efficiency is becoming more and more dependent on smart devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. The weak point in this technology is the short life of most batteries and the inability to recharge them everywhere. This problem can be overcome by use of a solar charger that can provide power anywhere in the world. So a Solar charger is a useful and environment friendly gift.

3. An Executive Pen

Christmas Gift Ideas for Office
In case of working people, it makes more sense to give gift pens and desk pen sets. Since, everyone has to write at one point, whether on duty or off duty, owning a nice pen (probably an expensive one) will always make that task much more pleasurable. Therefore, executive pens are regarded as a thoughtful and handy gift for every office goer.

4. A Coffee Mug

Christmas Gifts for Workplace
A coffee mug with some Christmas accents or a witty office humour is the best way to kick start ones workday. They can also be customized with office group snaps or sayings, but they have to be ordered in advance. The reusable aspect of an office mug is another additional benefit of this gift since it is environmental friendly.

5. A Gift Card

Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues
A gift card is a great way of appreciation towards the hardworking employees and long term associates. A card of a pre decided denomination can be gifted for indulging in recreational activities like shopping, theatre, food malls etc. during the holiday season.

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