This year, you’re about to rock Christmas at your house. The menu is prepared; the music is ready. You have made a list of people you want to have fun with. There’s just one tiny hitch – the invitation card isn’t ready yet. You don’t want to send your friends boring white cards with words of welcome inscribed in gold. What can you do to liven up the invite? Check out the following ideas and make your card as memorable as the party!

1. Funny Santa Claus

Everybody recognizes the benign old guy in his red suit, white flowing beard and sack full of presents. Why not give him a makeover to spice things up? Design a card with a funny Santa Claus on it – he could wear shades and trunks (as Santa do in Australia), or his face could be replaced by that of a movie star, preferably a notorious villain or a hilarious comic character. For that extra zing, remix your invitation with a famous dialogue.

Christmas Invitation Ideas 1

2. Funny Poems

If not Santa, then surely Banta! Bring a smile to your friends’ lips with a funny shahyari or poem. There are plenty of ideas available on the internet – or you could come up with your own. Write silly couplets that are based on the invitee. They will be grateful not only for the invitation, but also for your perception of who they are.

Christmas Invitation Ideas 2

3. Homemade Cards

If you’re an artistic soul, this is a fantastic chance to put your talents to use. Make your own card using easily available resources like handcrafted paper. First, fold the paper cut-out into three parts. Write the message on normal colored paper, or use a printed version, and paste the message on the middle part. Fold the ends and enclose the invitation with ribbons!

Christmas Invitation Ideas 3

4. Yummy Cards

There are creative and artistic invitation cards, and then there are those that come with a treat. Let your invitees read your message with smacking leaves by adding a piece of wrapped candy to the card. To make it even more delicious, find out what type of flavor your friends prefer.

Christmas Invitation Ideas 4

5. Reusable Cards

So, you want to send invitation cards that won’t lie forgotten in a drawer as soon as they serve their purpose. You want to give them something that will outlast even the party. Worry not! For the practical party organizer, Christmas cards can have high utility value. Simply send your invite in the form of bookmarks. You can design the card on your laptop using painting software and print copies of it. Alternatively, you could stamp your invitation on coasters or personalized handkerchiefs.

Christmas Invitation Ideas 5

6. Christmas All the Way

It’s Christmas, so why not get into the spirit and use themes that are intimately connected with the festival? Print your message on shapes like Christmas trees, mistletoes, baubles, Christmas stockings, reindeers, etc. Or, you can simply add cut-outs of these shapes to the invites in the form of decorations.

Christmas Invitation Ideas 6

By using these ideas – or by using them as a starting point for your own inventions – you can rest assured that this party will be one to remember, even before the 25th arrives!

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