Shri Dadu Dayal Punya Tithi is celebrated in commemoration of the great service done by Dadu Dayal to the Hindu community. Born in Gujarat, the great saint left for Jaipur in Rajasthan in search of livelihood when still a child. Dadu Dayal Ji was born in the year of 1544 and survived for 59 years after which he left for the heavenly abode in 1603 leaving behind a great legacy. So influential this great Gujarati saint from Jaipur was that a separate group known as Dadu Panth too has been formed by his followers.

Dadu Panth - Great Influence of Hindu Worshipers

Hinduism has got its deepest roots spread across India where several saints have left their own mark upon people and culture. Sant Deen Dayal Ji is one of the most revered saints hailing from Rajasthan who is best known for singing several melodious hymns and praiseworthy songs in honour of God. Dadu Dayal is best remembered for the services he provided to the entire Hindu society in his unique style. Dadu Dayal Punya Tithi marks a great religious and traditional influence upon Hindus across the country.

Saint Dadu Dayal - An Inspiration for Hindus across the World

Dadu Dayal is particularly famous for his invaluable teachings through which he was able to serve the Hindu society perfectly. Even though several centuries have passed, people still hold him in high esteem considering him to be one of the greatest saints India has ever witnessed. Grand celebrations are held all over Rajasthan and Gujarat in memory of the great saint with special prayers offered to him. "Dadu" refers to brother and "Dayal" means a compassionate person. Leading most of his life in Amer in Rajasthan, it was Dadu Dayal who preached oneness to people across the country.

Dadu Anubhav Vani is a tribute to the great North Indian saint that consists of his influential compositions. It is believed that Dadu himself has composed around 5,000 verses in praise of God that reflect his amazing command on his devotional perspective. Dadu has preached throughout his life that devotees should never confine themselves to a particular sect and must display their non-sectarian attitude. This, he referred as nishpaksh. Deen Dayal has spent a modest life that is inspirational to all others, particularly those, who crave for luxury.

Over time, Dadu Dayal went onto have numerous gatherings in several regions of Rajasthan such as Sambhar, Karadala and Amer. Because of the tremendous services he contributed towards the development of people, the title Brahmrishi Swami was conferred upon him by his devotees with great respect. Sant Deen Dayal Mandir in Naraina is one of the most frequently visited places by his followers till date that represents the great influence he has got upon people across India. On the day of Dadu Dayal Punyatithi, several programs are conducted such as singing bhajans, remembering his life and offering food and clothes to the poor.

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