The gods mentioned in Vedas are known as ‘Vedic Gods.’ It is believed that these are the deities that were brought by Aryan tribes who migrated from Iran to northern part of India during 2000 B.C.E. and 1200 B.C.E. There are 33 major Vedic gods, which are categorized in three groups; eleven gods in each category. The three different categories of Vedic Gods are atmospheric, terrestrial, or celestial, each of which shares its own specific area of responsibility.

A.A. Macdonell described Vedic Gods in Vedic Mythology as "The true gods of Veda are glorified human beings, inspired with human motives passions, born like men, but are immortal." Most of the Vedic gods are overwhelming male that plays a major role in the ladder of divinity because in Vedic times males were given importance over females.

These Cosmic entities are described as moral entities, which punish the sinful and wicked people while reward the pious and righteous. They are seen as moral, great and mighty gods.

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