Ganga is a Hindu goddess who forgives one's sins. The Goddess Ganga represents the river Ganges. She has been shown as lady draped in a white saree, wearing a white crown, sitting on crocodile, holding a water lily in her right hand and a lute in her left hand.

People believe that bathing in holy Ganges River will ward off all their sins and bestow blessings on them. The water of Ganga is considered equally sacred; this Gangajal is used in religious ceremonies.

The dead bodies if criminated at the banks of Ganga and the immersion of the ashes of a dead in its water is considered auspicious. Those who die on the land of Ganga, directly go to the heaven and attains moksha.

She is called Mandakenee in the heaven, Ganges in the earth, Alakananda in the underworld and Bhagirathi in patal.

Ganga showers her blessings on all the three worlds.


There are many stories about the birth of Ganga.

A legend says that once the flute recital of lord Shiva mesmerized Lord Vishnu so much that his feet began to melt. Lord Brahma collected liquefied Vishnu’s feet and produced the goddess, so another name for goddess is Vishnu-Padi.

According to Vaishnavite legend, Brahma had washed the feet of Vishnu to show respect to him and collected this water in his Kamandal which became embodied as a young lady, Ganga.


As per another version Ganga was the daughter of king of the mountains, Himavan and Mena and sister of the goddess Parvati.

Coming down of Ganga to Earth

The legend about descending down of Ganga as river Ganges says, once sage Kapila got angry with the sons of king Sagara and burnt them to ashes. Ganga was brought down to the earth for the salvation of them. The turbulent flow of Ganga became worry to everyone. Then descendant of king Sagara, king Bhagiratha underwent strong penance to please Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga to come down to earth. The turbulent flow of river was finally propitiated and controlled by tying Ganga in Lord Shiva’s matted hair. Ganga is thus regarded as the second wife of Shiva. Hence it is also called Bhagirathi.

Shri Ganga Ji Ki Aarti

Om Jai Gange Mata, Shri Jai Gange Mata
Jo Nar Tumko Dhyata, Man Vanchhit Phal Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata.
Chandra Si Jot Tumhari, Jal Nirmal Aata
Sharan Pade Jo Teri, So Nar Tar Jata
Om Jai Gange Mata.
Putra Sagar Ke Tare, Sab Jag Ko Gyata
Kripa Drishti Tumhari, Tribhuvan Sukh Data
Om Jai Gange Mata.
Ek Hi Bar Jo Teri, Sharanagati Aata
Yum Ki Tras Mitakar, Paramgati Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata.
Aarti Mat Tumhari, Jo Jan Nitya Gata
Arjun Wahi Sahaj Main, Mukti Ko Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata.

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