The goddess Kali is the divine form of shakti considered fierce Goddess who incarnated from the supreme divine Devi Shakti to prevent Gods from the dominion of the demonic forces of demon brothers Shumbh Nishumbh.

Goddess Kali symbolizes female dynamism in keeping with her strong characteristics. She is often referred as the goddess of death in the sense of killing the ego of a human being and moves him far away from the materialistic world and hence resulting in removing the fear of death from the person's mind.

Goddess Kali is depicted in black complexion which symbolizes her all-embracing and transcendental nature with limitless form.

The Goddess is usually depicted in her four arm form and in her ferocious Mahakali form she is shown as having ten arms holding weapons she received from all the gods. Her sword is the destroyer of false consciousness.

The goddess while killing the demons is shown with disheveled hair, her tongue sticking out with rage symbolizing her omnivorous nature and pure white teeth representing the purity within.

oddess Kali’s neck is adorned by a garland made of fifty demon heads which represents fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes infinite knowledge.


Kali Mata is venerated deeply across all parts of India. She is especially worshiped in the state of West Bengal.

Mula Mantra of Goddess Kali: Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah

Goddess Kali Arti

Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali Jai Durga Khappar Wali.
Tere Hi Gun Gayen Bharti,
O Maiya Hum Sab Utare Teri Aarti.
Tere Bhakt Jano Pe Mata Bheer Padi Hai Bhari,
Danav Dal Par Toot Pado Maa Karke Sinh Savar,.
Sou Sou Sinho Se Hai Balshali Hai Dus Bhujaon Wali.
Dukhion Ke Dukhde Niwarti,
O Maiya Hum Sab Utare Teri Aarti.
Maan Bête Ka Hai Is Jug Main Bada Hi Nirmal Nata,
Poot Kapoot Sune Hain Par Na Mata Suni Kumata.
Sub Pe Karuna Darsane Wali Amrit Barsane Wali,
Dukhion Ke Dukhde Niwarti,
O Maiya Hum Sab Utare Teri Aarti.
Nahin Mangte Dhan Aur Daulat Na Chandi Na Sona,
Hum To Mange Tere Man Main Ek Chhota Sa Kona.
Sub Ki Bigdi Banane Wali Laaj Bachane Wali,
Sathiyon Ke Sat Ko Sanvarti,
O Maiya Hum Sab Utare Teri Aarti.

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