Goddess Parvati is popular goddess in the Hindu mythology and believed to be one of the nine representations of Shakti. Goddess Parvati is considered consort of Lord Shiva, his divine shakti or power. Goddess Parvati is one of the most revered Hindu Goddess who exists in various divine forms.

She is represented in Hindu religion as one holding transcendental knowledge and power. She is glorified in Hindu literature as a mediator in the conflicts of heaven, as a daughter of the Great Himalayan Mountains and as the divine sister of Goddess Ganga.

Goddess Parvati is referred by different names like Amba, Gauri, Lalita, Kali Uma, Durga, Ambika, Haimavati etc. Amba and Ambika refer her to be divine mother of all, Lalita represents her charming beauty while Durga (Goddess beyond reach) and Kali (Goddess of Destruction) are considered her most fierce and powerful forms.

Goddess Parvati is believed to be the reincarnation of the former consort of Lord Shiva - Sati. She was born to King Himavan, the lord of the mountains and hence is sometimes referred to as Girijaputri (daughter of the king of mountains). After severe penance and trials Goddess Parvati was reunited with Lord Shiva as his wife.

Goddess Parvati is highly respected by married woman for her image as an ideal householder in the state of Rajasthan. There is a special festival with a name of Gangaur Puja, celebrated here in dedication to Goddess Parvati.


Women worship Parvati or Gauri in this festival and pray for blessed married life while unmarried girls pray for husbands like Lord Shiva. Fertility, marital felicity, devotion to the spouse, asceticism and power are different virtues symbolized by Parvati. These virtues are highly valued by the Hindu tradition

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