Sita is the wife of Ram, the seventh avtaar of Lord Vishnu. Sita, regarded as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, is one of the most popular Goddesses worshiped all over India. She is considered as the ideal daughter, wife and mother.

Sita was the daughter of Mother Earth was found and adopted by Janaka, King of Mithila and his wife Sunayana. Since she was the princess of Mithila, she was also known as Maithili.

Sita is the perfect example of an ideal wife who willingly accompanied Lord Ram to the forest and agrees to stay in exile leaving the comforts of the palace. Sita was abducted by Ravana and after being rescued by Lord Ram, she proved her sanctity by giving the Agni Pariksha. In this way she became a woman of virtue.

Sita and Ram returned to Ayodhya amidst a lot of pomp and celebrations. However, Sita’s imprisonment was a matter of discussion among the people in Ayodhya who still doubted her sanctity.

Lord Ram who loved his wife and his people was left with no option but to banish Sita from the palace to the forest. This time Sita was pregnant with her two sons, Luv and Kush.


Sita Mantra:

Aum Janaknandiniye Vidmahe
Bhumijayai Dheemahi
Tanno Sita Prachodayat

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