The characteristic of Hindu bhakti is devotion towards the protector gods. The wide varieties of gods are worshiped in India. It is believed that they are the real fighters who fought for protection of their communities. In Hinduism the supreme gods or devas are worshiped as idols. Every individual has some ishta devata on which his focus is concentrated around.

All religions are given equal respect in India and therefore people are polytheists, means they worship many gods since hundreds of years ago. Almost 330,000 supernatural beings are worshiped in various Hindu traditions.

Practically a worshiper offer divine prayers before the image of deities or Gods daily or on special days. Special rituals and invocation of god is performed in puja.

All the beliefs circumscribe gods. Even they are the centre point of celebration of most of the festivals in India. We celebrate birth anniversaries of gods as Jayanti like Janamashtmi or Mahashivratri; Diwali is celebration of home coming of Lord Rama after an exile of 14 years and 10 days of Ganesha festival are dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

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