Indra is the most powerful character in Hindu mythology. He was the son of sky god Dyaus Pita and earth goddess Prithvi. He was born fully armed. His wife was Indrani while his attendants were called maruts. His sons were Midusha, Nilambara, Jayanta, Rbhus, Rsabha, Sitragupta and Arjun.

Indra is the god of thunder and rain and a superb warrior. He is a symbol of courage and strength. He is the king of the Gods and the ruler of the heaven. Indra is quick as the wind and carries a conch, hook, sword, noose and rainbow. He also carries the most important weapon of Vajra. He is the protector of gods and mankind against all evil powers.

He is often known as the God of the Thunder wielding the celestial weapon Vajra and bringing rain and storm. He is also believed to have a bow and pointed arrows which he uses to trap his enemies. He is also known as the fertility god since he is believed to have brought water to the earth.

He also has the power to revive slain warriors. He not only protects and rescues mankind and gods from demons but is also known to be the preserver of animals. He killed the demon Vala who stole cows so that people could not drink milk or offer to for religious purposes.


Indra’s notable battle was with Vritra who took the form of a dragon and stole all the water from the earth. Indra fought with Vritra with great strength and courage. Indra demolished ninety-nine fortresses and then encountered the dragon.

The two fought a tough battle till Indra overpowered Vritra and when he splint open the demon all the water that he consumed fell from the skies. When not riding the chariot, he used a great white elephant Airavata who had four tusks which resembles a sacred mountain.

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