Kama means sensuous love, wish, desire, longing or sexuality and Deva means heavenly or divine. Like Cupid is the god of love in West Kamadeva is the Hindu deity of love. The god Kamadeva, is the incarnation of Pradyumna and son of the goddess Sri. Spiritually Vaishnavas supposes him to be Krishna.

The wordy meaning of the name Kama-deva is 'divine love' or 'god of love'. Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana say Kamadeva is Vishnu. Sometimes he is also called Shiva and written Prayaschita padyata in sanskrit. Kama is also a name for Agni.

Kamdeva is portrayed as young, handsome man with wings carrying a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with a cord of honeybees, and arrows of sweet-smelling Ashoka tree flowers, white and blue lotus flowers, Jasmine and Mango tree flowers.

Lord Kamdev is seen sitting on Parrot.

There are many different stories of the birth of Kamadeva. According to Shiva Purana Kamadeva arises from the mind of Brahma while another story recognizes him as the son of Sri. Rati is the consort of Kamadeva who is an illustration of an attribute of the god of desire. Goddess Vasanta also escort Kamadeva.

Lord Shiva got angry with Kamdev and burned him; he then later on born from Rukmani’s womb and came to be known as Pradyumna. In this form Kamadeva is believed to be a demigod of the heavenly planets that are responsible for inducing lusty desires.


The companionship with cuckoo, a parrot, humming bees, the season of spring and the gentle cool breeze are main characteristics of demigod Kamadeva.

The Skanda Purana suggests Kamadeva is a brother of Prasuti and child of Shatarupa. Later introductions consider him the son of Vishnu. All sources correspond on the fact that Kamadeva is wed to Rati, a daughter of Prasuti and Daksha.

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